Do you remember the first time you rode a roller-coaster? Or put your toes in the water at the beach? It was a little scary, at first, but then you began to find joy in those activities. Counseling that helps you connect the dots from your past to your present can be like that, too. It takes courage to step forward and challenge yourself to grow. It takes commitment to follow through and show up in your life. When you do it, the rewards can be great and you may wonder whatever stopped you in the first place.

What can you expect from Wellness-Focused counseling? First, some things we will not focus on: diagnoses, illness, dysfunction. Research shows that focusing on these things can help keep you stuck. I do not use the term "mental illness" and I do not use diagnoses to label or categorize you as sick. Whenever we visit the past, it is in service of helping you live in the present and move beyond the after-effects of traumatic circumstances and events. We may talk about your desire to grow in your present career, return to higher learning in order to pursue your dreams or ways you can improve your current relationships. The focus is life-oriented and aims to allow you to increase joy in the life you live now.

Although I can't guarantee results, I have yet to work with a client who does the work and does not experience growth and improvements in their life. Many with whom I have worked, have gone on to work in careers they enjoy, finish or start their education, increase connection in their relationships and find a measure of peace they had not previously realized. 

Please note: with few exceptions, real progress will occur when we meet weekly at a regular day and time rather than sporadically. Your time for therapy is a commitment that can pay off when you are protective of your appointment with me.

What about insurance?

Your search is evidence of your willingness to invest in yourself!

Investment for individual session $150

I can accept PayPal, All major credit cards, cash, health savings plan, PPO and out of network benefits. I am no longer "in network" with insurance companies.

Can I get my questions

answered before

we start?

I offer a 20 minute phone consultation just for that purpose. You can ask initial questions about the process and we'll explore options for setting your first appointment. In the first sessions we'll determine our "fit" and come up with a plan that will work for you.

What do I do next?

Contact me by email: cathysharrislcsw@gmail.com or phone: 619.807.9159. We'll talk, set your appointment, then you'll receive an email from me with instructions to go to my client portal. There, you will be able to get my office address, parking arrangements and read documents that outline all my practice policies. You'll sign electronically, then complete a brief questionnaire to let me know how I can support you.

Please note: Once you have set an appointment with me, you have reserved my time for yourself. If you do not appear for your appointment I will need to charge for that time. By signing my "consent to treatment" document, you commit to this time and acknowledge it is yours.

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