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What's Your Story?

Finally, in spite of the sheer terror I felt, I decided to choose freedom and personal integrity. As I had begun to question my membership as a Jehovah's Witness, I began to value my own personal integrity. This was an alien concept, previously. But now, I could not turn back.

I would start my life over.
I found very little support; very few professional counselors or coaches know about the effects of being in a cultish, high-control group. No support group was specific to the sadness and anger I experienced as I left the group. No one else I knew at the time understood how hard it was to tell friends in the group of my decision and to face the shunning that I knew I would receive.

My support became reading the stories of others who had traveled these difficult waters, themselves. Also, my classes and projects challenged me to utilize what I could: a connection to nature, new friends and the empowerment I felt as I gained my education.

I was able to finish my Bachelor of Science and Master of Social Work degrees. Today I offer help to those who feel all alone and have difficulty seeing a future for themselves. You can get beyond the effects of cult membership. Contact me for more information

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